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Just why do you sell the Diamond Cargo Trailer Brand exclusively? 

What makes your trailers different than any of the other brands?

Our answer is always the same, when you get right down to it the trailers are actually quite similar from company to company as far as components.  Each manufacturer will do a little something different to separate themselves from the competition and some even use lower quality components to decrease the cost of their trailers.  Diamond is the brand that we have settled on as our manufacturer of choice because of the fact that their quality control is the best of any manufacturer that we have came in contact with, to prove this fact just look to their industry leading 5 year warranty.  In order for a company to surpass their competitions warranties by as much as 2 full calendar years they have to be building a better product.  The components that go into the trailers at Diamond are top notch and there is no economy model, just top of the line products made to stand the test of time and meet your needs on a daily basis for the life of your trailer.  Another reason that is often missed is that in our dealings with Diamond they have never missed a deadline, when a customer asks for a completion date we can give one with confidence knowing that their trailer will be ready as ordered on the date that Diamond has given us.  And lastly, we always tell our customers an opinion that we believe to be fact “Diamond Cargo Inc. builds one of the best trailers on the road today in their price range”. 

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Who are the people Behind Trojan Cargo Sales?

The People behind Trojan Cargo Sales...

We are a partnership created with commitment to honesty, integrity, and customer service.  There are three families involved in this partnership, all three brought together by our children’s love of sports.  Trojan Cargo Sales was brought to life at a high school baseball game through conversations between parents looking for a business opportunity that would allow us to work together after our children had graduated and moved onto the next phase of their lives.  Trojan Cargo Sales was born to serve the needs of our customers and provide an outlet for three very competitive fathers as well as three very supportive mothers, we believe that our background with sports gives us a competitive advantage in that we have all learned to work as a team and instill in our children the importance of teamwork.  Our mission statement is to provide a top quality product at the most competitive prices with the highest integrity.  We want you to be a part of our team as well as a friend when you purchase from our family.  Our desire is to provide you the customer with the tools necessary to make an informed decision when purchasing your enclosed cargo trailer whether it be from us or someone else.  We want you to understand that we honestly want your business but at the same time we understand that the business that we are in is very competitive and we cannot always have the lowest price.  What we can guarantee is that we will always have the most honest sales staff, the best follow up with our customer’s and our answers will always be truthful. We will strive to earn your business, keep your trust through your buying experience and throughout your ownership.   

We always strive to provide our customers with the best quality service to gain their full satisfaction. Our many repeat customer's can attest to an attention to detail that most others in our profession lack.  Trojan Cargo Sales LLC sells only Top Quality Diamond Cargo Trailers.  We go above and beyond the internet shopping experience with personal customer service.  



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