Trojan Cargo Sales offers personal service to help you navigate through the process of purchasing a cargo trailer.  Our website provides you with an option to share with us your general needs so that we may help with the customization of the perfect trailer for you.

We have two types of customers.

  The customer who needs a trailer immediately and is ready to take immediate delivery or pick up at our location.

  The customer who wants a customized trailer and is willing to wait 10-12 working days for it to be manufactured.

  Our customers who need a cargo trailer quickly will find that we  have a vast assortment of sizes in stock in just about any color offered by Diamond Cargo Inc.  Our standard colors are - White, Black, Charcoal Grey, Silver Frost, Pewter, and Red.  Please give us a call to check color availability. 

  If you are in need of a cargo trailer immediately or just planning a trip through our area, we will probably be able to help you find what you need.  We are a volume dealer, we have a lot of trailers in stock but we turn them at a very fast rate.  Please call ahead to check our in-stock, we may have it today but it could be sold tomorrow.  We require a small deposit to place a trailer on hold for you.

  Some of our other customers will have that special customization in mind and understand that these types of trailers will take several weeks to build precisely to customer specifications.  Generally depending on the amount of customization we can have your trailer ready in as little as 10 - 14 days. Some options will take more time but that will be communicated to our customers before the order is placed.  Most of our options are listed under the options link on the top of the page but some might not be so if you have something in mind just ask and we will try to get it built exactly the way you want your cargo trailer.  All of our customized trailers will require a deposit which is non refundable before the order is placed.

  If you cannot make it down to Douglas to pick up your trailer we do offer delivery.  Figuring your delivery cost is easy just go to enter your zip code then type in ours which is 31535.  Then multiply the total miles times the rate for your size cargo trailer. (Rates are listed below)

The going rate for trailer delivery is usually $1.35 for a 6 Wide, $1.40 for a 7 Wide - $1.50 for an 8 Wide and this is figured per loaded mile. (Pricing varies. Call us for exact cost)

  We can bring your cargo trailer all the way to your front door or meet you somewhere along the route.  We will take a non refundable deposit on the trailer before it is delivered with the balance being due upon delivery.  Delivery fees will be paid directly to the driver.


  A deposit is required to hold your trailer while awaiting pickup.   The deposit can be paid with a credit card (a 3% fee applies) or mailed in by Cashiers check.   Remaining balance will be due when you take ownership of your trailer.

  Final payment can be made by Cash, Cashiers Check or Credit Card.  A 3% fee will be charged on all credit card transactions.

If your trailer is customized, a 30% deposit will be required. 


Need Financing?  Click HERE for available financing options.  IMPORTANT:  ALL FINANCING APPROVALS MUST GO THROUGH TROJAN CARGO SALES.  FACTORY DOES NOT SELL DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC.  Once your financing is approved, notify your sales associate to complete the purchase process.


5 (five) Year Manufacturers Warranty on all Diamond Cargo Trailers.   All warranty claims are made through the manufacturer. 



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